Gorgeous Lashes Turn Heads in Windsor & Severance, CO

Gorgeous Lashes Turn Heads in Windsor & Severance, CO

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If we were to ask you what single makeup product you won't leave the house without wearing, mascara would probably be pretty high on the list. When your lashes are lush and full, your whole face looks brighter and more awake. Of course, sometimes we really don't feel like putting on mascara before running out the door. That's what makes eyelash extensions such a good option.

Rumors on Main in Windsor, CO offers a wide range of effective eyelash treatments to give you the look you want. Reach out today to discuss your options with one of our experienced stylists.

3 good reasons to get eyelash extensions

Almost everyone can benefit from eyelash treatments. You should consider getting eyelash extensions if you want to:

  1. Make your lashes look longer, fuller and darker
  2. Save time by not needing to apply mascara
  3. Add volume to thinning lashes

Different types of lash extensions offer different looks, so we'll help you select the style that's best for you. Visit our Gallery page today to view examples of our work.